Nick Difu, aka Chef Lefty, a kitchen veteran for nearly 20 years now, has spent more than half that time cooking in his hometown of Los Gatos. He was trained at the San Francisco Culinary Academy, today known as Le Cordon Bleu, and graduated in 1996. After many years of establishing his reputation at such notable local spots as Café Marcella, The Wine Cellar, 180 Restaurant & Lounge, etc… in March of 2008, Nick’s lifelong dream became a reality when he opened up his first restaurant “Nick’s on Main”. “I wanted to create a restaurant where people feel at home”, Difu was quoted as saying right after his grand opening. As a result, his first restaurant became an immediate sensation despite the fact that Difu never has really advertised or promoted himself. His success simply comes from doing what he loves and is passionate about.

You can scour the Internet and read all the rave reviews about his ingenious, plentiful plates of culinary creations. But that only tells half the story. If you plan on visiting Nick soon, all he asks of you is to bring an appetite – and he’ll supply the rest (smile included).